8 - 12 March 2024

Carly Fischer

Ruins In Reverse, sculptural and sonic installation

Site 15: Interior of The Chapel, The Grand Oaks, Mayday Hills, Oak Avenue

> Free Artist Talk 8pm Monday 11 March

Artist Statement:

Ruins in Reverse is a sculptural and sonic installation by Carly Fischer that responds to the site and surrounds of the former Beechworth Asylum, instigated by connections to her great-grandmother’s 50-year life spent at the asylum for ‘talking to the furniture.’ Taking this notion of slipping between realities as a point of departure, the installation considers the material agency of the asylum’s architecture to create alternate narratives of place through its accumulated traces and tones. Drawing on the current site as a peripheral zone or ruin within the town, the installation resurrects some of the forgotten fragments that have been left to accumulate and merge, slipping between past and present contexts and forming incidental, tangential dialogues across institutional, architectural, geological and extractive mining histories throughout Beechworth. Tracing the architectural peripheries of the asylum buildings, the installation records the sculptural and sonic resonance of its infrastructure and interconnected surroundings, reconstructing these traces and tones into ‘architectural assemblages’ that shift between sculptural and sonic form, materiality and context.