8 - 12 March 2024

Anthony Sawrey

De-Integration Site 10 – Old Beechworth Gaol, Sydney Road Artist statement De-Integration references the history of HM Prison Beechworth and its future as a community asset.
 The work consists of abstract shapes in a range of primary and secondary colours painted on the grassed areas surrounding it. My painting is intended to mark the transition […]

Susie Losch

SWELL Site 8 – The Old Town Hall, Ford Street Artists statement SWELL is the continuum of Susie Losch’s investigation into the use of air as a medium or transformative material. Beechworth Town Hall with its recently re-installed Organ provided the site and impetus for further exploration into the notions of inflation and deflation as […]

Jodie L Kipps

Sense Me, Hummmmmmm Site 7 – The Old Courthouse, Heritage Precinct Artist statement Sense Me, Hummmmmmm stands before the Beechworth Courthouse. I’ve been visiting Beechworth since I was a child, holidaying on a nearby daily farm. I am personally and emotionally connected to this place; the multi-sensory experiences and sensations of this town are embedded […]

Harrie Fasher

The Space Behind This installation is a demonstration of my process and an honest unveiling of an artists’ mind in a time of uncertainty. It explores hidden truths, unspoken realities and mysterious processes. This work is a sculptural triptych of lines. It is an experiment in the expanded field of drawing. The line is fundamental […]

Nuha Saad

Site 6 – The Old Post Office Steps, Camp Street Velvet Nostalgia II 2022Acrylic on wood, 5 posts (153x19x19, 124x19x19, 153x11x11, 115x11x11, 94x11x11) Artist statement I regularly work with the turned wooden posts added to buildings for structural and decorative effect. Seen in both historic and contemporary architectural design, the post, totem or column is […]

Liam Denny

The Trial of the Fool
The work presented for the Beechworth Contemporary Art Award refers to the Legend of Excalibur, however with a twist. Instead of one sword, there are 3 swords presented in a large stone. These bronze swords have been cast by Denny from children’s toy swords and then embedded within a large slab of granite. The legendary sword of King Arthur, the scabbard of Excalibur was deemed to have magical powers supposedly made by an Avalonian elf and forged in dragon-fire. Denny presents a modern day legend of Beechworth …The 3 swords now a super charged symbol of strength may one day be pulled out of the rock by whom- ever is worthy.

Deborah Kelly

Site 4 – The Gold Store Facade, Ford Street The Gods of Tiny Things For Creation Artist statement Presented together for the first time anywhere, The Gods of Tiny Things and its sequel, For Creation, are collaborative collage animations that together invoke and cherish the dancing, whirling, erotic energies of life on a planet in […]

Bruce Armstrong

Untitled (Magpie)
Bruce Armstrong creates monumental totemic figures. Often hewn from massive pieces of red-gum, his birds, beasts and figures have a raw energy which assert a commanding presence and engage directly with the viewer. For the inaugural Beechworth Contemporary Art Award, Armstrong presents a Magpie. He claims to have chosen this bird especially for Beechworth because when he visits and stays at the London Tavern in Camp Street (his partners family have been part owners of the building since 1970), he loves to hear the Magpie song in the morning. Armstrong says hearing the sound of Magpies in Richmond where he currently lives, always reminds him of Beechworth.

Kate Just

Site 2 – The Old Stone Hall, Church Street Self Care Actions 2022Hand knitted yarn, timber, canvas.55 x 40cm Previous Next Artist statement Self Care Actions consists of a series of twenty brightly coloured, hand-knitted panels bearing texts relating to self-care. This body of work is ongoing and new knitted panels will continue to be produced in […]

Yandell Walton

Site 1 – The Old Hospital Facade, Church Street Remnant Futures Artist statement: Remnant Futures is a site-specific installation incorporating an existing façade in Beechworth with moving image projection and light. Confronted first with the immense architectural remains of the old hospital, completed in 1864 and then demolished in 1940 the facade inherently represents the past. […]