8 - 12 March 2024

Harrie Fasher

The Space Behind

This installation is a demonstration of my process and an honest unveiling of an artists’ mind in a time of uncertainty. It explores hidden truths, unspoken realities and mysterious processes. This work is a sculptural triptych of lines. It is an experiment in the expanded field of drawing. The line is fundamental to drawing, which is a cornerstone to my artistic practice and expression.

Drawing bypasses the mind, and my hand unhindered marks the page. Inner truths are committed in ink, charcoal, graphite, paint and tape; generating an unpredictable and raw energy. The frames within the animation record this impulsive action.

Equally, the sculpture embodies a similar energetic language. The 1.6 tonne concrete block holds evidence of uninhibited action. Its construction demonstrates feverish gestures combined with labour intensive construction resulting in a solid object imbued with emotive content. The drawn line continues through the three creative elements, Sculpture, Stop-motion, Sound; wrapping around the sculpture, appearing unexpectedly on the irregular planes. The experimental nature of this installation draws on the fundamentals of my artistic practice, honouring the processes whilst at the same time expanding the method of delivery.