8 - 12 March 2024

Jeremy Blincoe

Outside entering inside, foam, epoxy clay, resin, mirror, 2023
Everybody is a corridor, foam, epoxy clay, resin, stainless steel, 2023
Half-shut eyes bent sideways, Cypress, rebar steel, paint, 2021

Site 1: Internal courtyard, The Powder Magazine, Camp Street

> Free Artist Talk 12pm Sunday 10 March

Artist Statement:

My work instead seeks to exist in that metamorphic, liminal space where nature and culture meet and the past and future are but crumpled folds. My sculptures reflect my non-hierarchical curiosity for materials and processes. They often combine disparate materials including wood, glass, silicon, steel, acrylic, clay, resin and foam and use an array of processes and technologies including 3D modelling, hand-carving, welding, video and photography. I start with a vision for the work informed by snippets from the everyday and readings of philosophy, anthropology and science-fiction, but then allow the materials and processes to shift and inform the making. Exploring this tangled web of relations is increasingly pertinent. The burning of fossil fuels has altered the Earth’s climate, technological devices have become bodily extensions which shape and alter our behaviour and recent innovations in artificial intelligence prompt us to rethink who and what we are. In focusing on these concepts, I seek to dissolve the “I”, let the world in and nurture kinship with other species, objects and our surrounds.

These larval bodies muddle the definition of human and non-human and exist within the crumpled folds of the past, present and future.