8 - 12 March 2024

Liam Denny

The Trial of the Fool

Site 5 - Beechworth Honey HQ, cnr Ford & Camp Sts

Artist statement

Working predominately in sculpture, Liam Denny engages in a speculative approach to how objects engage with one another and how they construct multiple milieus around themselves. His work entangles the concepts of reality and fiction. Denny places objects into new narratives that that evoke uncanny emotional connections.

The work presented for the Beechworth Contemporary Art Award refers to the Legend of Excalibur, however with a twist. Instead of one sword, there are three swords presented in a large stone. These bronze swords have been cast by Denny from children’s toy swords and then embedded within a large slab of granite. The legendary sword of King Arthur, the scabbard of Excalibur was deemed to have magical powers supposedly made by an Avalonian elf and forged in dragon-fire. Denny presents a modern day legend of Beechworth …The three swords now a super charged symbol of strength may one day be pulled out of the rock by whomever is worthy.