8 - 12 March 2024

Nuha Saad

Site 6 - The Old Post Office Steps, Camp Street

Velvet Nostalgia II

Acrylic on wood, 5 posts (153x19x19, 124x19x19, 153x11x11, 115x11x11, 94x11x11)

Artist statement

I regularly work with the turned wooden posts added to buildings for structural and decorative effect. Seen in both historic and contemporary architectural design, the post, totem or column is a universal architectural form used throughout Western, Eastern and Indigenous cultures. The post is typically a vertical element and is commonly used as a support, however, it can also be non-structural and viewed as a free-standing monument. This is how I use the post sculptures, as a new kind of monument, a monument to now, to us, colourful and complex, a monument for our times.

I see the town of Beechworth as the perfect setting for my sculptures, as there is a correspondence between my practice with my focus and appreciation of the ornamental aspects of historic architecture and the town’s preserved historic character. This makes the town’s many historic buildings the perfect setting for one of my sculptural works. In this way my work can be seen as tribute to the town of Beechworth.