8 - 12 March 2024

Programs & Events

Connect with the Biennale artworks by participating in these programs...

COST: $150 per head. Tickets strictly limited and bookings essential!

A very special curated event designed by the Biennale’s Creative Director.

Commencing at the contemporary performance by Blake Prize winning artist Tina Havelock Stevens and Melbourne composer Cat Hope, titled Freestyle, performed and recorded in the abandoned pool at the Old Beechworth Gaol.

It is here you will also enjoy supper treats created by chef Michael Ryan from Beechworth’s double hatted Provenance Restaurant, complemented by delicious vino from Indigo Vineyard.
Then climb aboard your awaiting coach and travel to several other night time locations around the beautiful town of Beechworth.

The art sites you will visit in the dark, include the fascinating Powder Magazine in the gorge to experience Jeremy Blincoe’s anamorphic sculptures.

You will travel to MayDay Hills at the old Lunatic Asylum on the hill to view Wendy Yu’s mapped digital projection on the splendid Italianate facade of the Birches building and skip down the lit path to the old morgue, now a chapel where Carly Fischer has created a moving testament to the site’s past histories.

The last secret location where you will be delivered will see you treated to more local vino and decadent desserts by Naomi Ingleton, a live painting performance by Maya Irving with surreal live music.

Sure to be a truly unique evening of creative decadence not to be missed!

Saturday 9 March ~ 7.30-10.30pm

WHERE: Exhibition Site 4. Quercus Hall

COST: Free, limited capacity, bookings encouraged

Participatory performance by artist Jayanto Tan

Bring your own tea cup to participate in a short ceremony meet the artist and enjoy the new friendships made.

Saturday 9 March ~ 10am

Sunday 10 March ~ 10am

COST: FREE, just turn up however first in, best spot!

Talks to be conducted at each of the 16 exhibition sites. The Biennale artists will discuss and share insight about their site specific installations.

Saturday 9 March

  • 10am Claire Bridge at Site 13.
  • 12pm Michele Barker & Anna Munster at Site 9.
  • 2pm Ariella Friend at Site 3.
  • 4pm Dion Parker at Site 10.

Sunday 10 March

  • 10am Tina Havelock Stevens At Site 11.
  • 12pm Jeremy Blincoe at Site 1.
  • 2pm Warlukurlangu Aboriginal Artists at Site 8.
  • 4pm Edwina Cooper at Site 5.

Monday 11 March

  • 10am Jayanto Tan at Site 4.
  • 12pm Stephen Coburn at Site 14.
  • 2pm Andrew Cullen at Site 2.
  • 4pm Helen Newman at Site 12.
  • 5pm Elli Bardas at Site 6.
  • 7.30pm Glennys Briggs at Site 7.
  • 8pm Carly Fischer at Site 15.
  • 8.30pm Wendy Yu at Site 16.

Unfortunately our volunteer guides for the walking tours are unexpectedly unavailable due to illness and we have had to cancel these events. We apologise for any disappointment caused and hope you will enjoy the remaining events on the program.