8 - 12 March 2024

Susie Losch


Site 8 - The Old Town Hall, Ford Street

Artists statement

SWELL is the continuum of Susie Losch’s investigation into the use of air as a medium or transformative material. Beechworth Town Hall with its recently re-installed Organ provided the site and impetus for further exploration into the notions of inflation and deflation as a basis for sculpture. Air provides both the uptake of space and creation of sound in this site-specific installation.

Using re-cycled fabrics, Losch uses each of the materials subtle nuances to create varying organic forms. The interaction between the forms is determined by a configuration of linked electronic timers – this control allows for choreography of the individual forms as well as control over the sound and patterns of the work.

Involving local creatives, organ players and studio technicians – the Town Hall became a space for communal experimentation to produce a contemporary score that has its origins in the breath of the organ.

Towards the end of the cycle the artist encourages you to breathe out and enjoy the calmness of deflation.