8 - 12 March 2024

Map of Beechworth

SITE 1  - Jeremy Blincoe

Beechworth Powder Magazine  (1859), Camp Street

Site 2 - Andrew Cullen and Goompi Ugerabah Ovens Goldfields Hospital Façade (1856-57), Church Street

Site 3 - Ariella Friend

Christ Church Anglican Churchyard (1858), corner Ford + Church Streets

Site 4 - Jayanto Tan

Interior of Quercus Oregon Hall, former Methodist Church (1857), Ford Street

Site 5 - Edwina Cooper

The Atrium, Tanswell’s Commercial Hotel (1873), Ford Street

Site 6 - Elli Bardas

Star Lane (~1853), Ford Street

Site 7 - Glennys Briggs

Façade Beechworth Honey Headquarters, cnr Ford and Camp Street
Site 8 - Warlukurlangu Artists Exterior building side wall, The Provenance Restaurant Ford Street
Site 9 - Michele Barker and Anna Munster Stone Lock-up (1867), Police Barracks Heritage Precinct, Ford Street

Site 10 - Dion Parker

Grassed area, Heritage precinct, Ford Street

Site 11 - Tina Havelock Stevens with Cat Hope

Abandoned swimming pool, pool courtyard, Old Beechworth Gaol (1857-1864), Ford Street

Site 12 - Helen Newman

Hotel Nicholas barrel cellar (1854),  cnr Camp & High Streets

Site 13 - Claire Bridge

The Stage, Hotel Nicholas, cnr Camp and High Street

Site 14 - Stephen Coburn

Lake Sambell dam wall and Chinese Gardens (~1876), McConville Avenue 

Site 15 - Carly Fischer

Interior of The Chapel (1864), The Grand Oaks, Oak Avenue Mayday Hills

Site 16 - Wendy Yu

Façade, Adminstration building, Oak Avenue Mayday Hills

Exhibition site details

    Entrants for Beechworth Biennale 2024 must:

  1. Be Australian citizens, a resident in Australia, or currently living in Australia as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

  2. Complete the online Beechworth Biennale 2024 application before 2 October 2023.

  3. Pay the Biennale entry fee of $40 online using PayPal or credit/debit card, or by an alternative means on request.


    Site selection and proposal

    Entrants must:

  5. Select one (1) preferred exhibition site from the published site list for Beechworth Biennale 2024.

  6. Write a creative proposal that clearly outlines their work of art, or series of works, that they could install or present at their preferred exhibition site.

  7. Consider specific aspects of the site, whether they be physical, historical or imagined, in their proposal.

  8. Provide in their application links to websites, social media, cloud or share documents showcasing their art practice, methodology and/or previously resolved artwork.

  9. Beechworth Biennale 2024’s selection panel will include Benalla Art Gallery Director Eric Nash, Shepparton Art Museum Curator Indigenous Belinda Briggs, Artist and Beechworth Contemporary Art Award 2022 Finalist Susie Losch, and Beechworth Biennale Creative Director Nina Machielse Hunt, who will oversee the exhibition.

  10. The selection panel will:

    a) View each application and select up to 15 finalists to exhibit in Beechworth Biennale 2024.

    b) Give priority to the way in which entrants propose to engage with their preferred exhibition site.

    c) Reserve the right to decide at which site each finalist will exhibit their work, which may differ from the finalist’s preferred site.

  11. Decide the finalists, who will be informed personally of their selection, and announce the Beechworth Biennale 2024 list of finalists on 16 October 2023.

  12. Finalists will be paid a $1000 artist fee to aid their participation in Beechworth Biennale 2024, in line with the National Association of Visual Arts guidelines for fees and wages for the creation of new works for a group exhibition and the participation in public talks.


    Finalist participation and risk management

  14. Finalists are required to be on site to oversee and assist with the installation and deinstallation of their artwork.

  15. Finalists must agree to support and participate in Beechworth Biennale’s 2024 public program, such as related talks, panel discussions, media interviews and events including a discussion panel and individual artist talks at exhibition sites on Saturday 9 March, Sunday 10 March, Monday 11 March or Tuesday 12 March.

  16. Each finalist must:

    a) Take sole responsibility for insuring their artwork in transit and on-site in Beechworth against loss, damage, theft and destruction.

    b) Provide Beechworth Biennale Incorporated with a certificate of currency for this insurance.

    c) Provide or supply and arrange all resources required for the exhibition of their artwork on-site (including data projectors, electrical leads, replacement globes and all other necessary materials and equipment).

  17. Beechworth Biennale Incorporated will provide public liability insurance cover throughout the exhibition period, including installation and deinstallation.

  18. Beechworth Biennale Incorporated will take due care of artworks when the exhibition is closed (overnight, from one day to the next) but accepts no responsibility for loss, damage, theft or destruction.

  19. Finalists must make arrangements in writing with Beechworth Biennale Incorporated for specific storage requirements or if their artwork must be moved when the exhibition is closed to the public.


    Opening hours and support

  21. Beechworth Biennale 2024 will open to the public 9:00am-5:00pm from Friday 8 March to Tuesday 12 March, 2024. Night viewing times to be advised.

  22. Biennale volunteers will be present during opening hours and will oversee due care of the artwork and the public.


    People’s Choice Award

  24. The audience will have the opportunity to vote for a favourite artwork during the exhibition.

  25. A People’s Choice Award will be announced on Tuesday 12 March.

  26. The People’s Choice Award winner will receive a prize arranged by Beechworth Biennale Incorporated.



    In this application, the terms ‘Beechworth Biennale’ and ‘Biennale’ mean the event known as Beechworth Biennale 2024 organised by Beechworth Biennale Incorporated.

    Beechworth Biennale 2024 artist entrant terms and conditions approved by Beechworth Biennale Incorporated Committee (June 2023).

Entry form

Entries close October 2, 2023. Please submit your entry using the form below and email beechworthbiennale@gmail.com if you have any difficulties entering.

Once you have completed the entry form you will be automatically redirected to pay the $40 entry fee via PayPal.