8 - 12 March 2024

Wendy Yu

Mayday Hills Alight, architectural video projection

Site 16: Façade, Adminstration building, Mayday Hills, Oak Avenue

> Free Artist Talk 8.30pm Monday 11 March

Artist Statement:

Mayday Hills Alight is a work of architectural projection mapping made specifically for the Administration Building on Oaks Avenue. It uses 3D modelling and geometric animation to create an illusion of surrealistic scenes that fit right into the facade of the building itself.

From the beginning, a great inspiration for the design of the work was found in the reading of archival stories of the communities of people who have worked and resided within and around the Mayday Hills complex. Namely, the Wangaratta Ladies Auxiliary group (formed in 1938) who were noted to have contributed towards the care and comfort of the patients with the Beechworth Asylum. Reflectively, by designing the work in an anamorphic way, that is, to build motion animation scenes specifically to highlight the features of the building itself, this piece aims to draw attention to the significance and community-oriented history of Mayday Hills in providing care and support for the people around Victoria.